Monday, 21 October 2013

NEW! Sci-Fi Fiesta Screen Gems Page

I'd just like to welcome you to the new "Sci-Fi Fiestsa Screen Gems" page on this blog. Over time, I'll be adding various movies, film clips, documentaries and other "gems" from different eras. Of course, there will be an element of science fiction running throughout, but many of the offerings will overlap with other genres. If you have any of your own suggestions as to what could be included, please let me know.

Here are a few of the offerings that will be featured on this new page;

Atomic Attack 1950
Prehistoric Women 1950
Zombies of the Stratosphere 1952
Mesa of Lost Women 1953
Rocky Jones: Crash of the Moons 1954
UFOs: The true Story Of Flying Saucers 1956
Doctor Cyclops 1940
Horrors of Spider island 1962
King Kong 1933
Planet Outlaws 1953
The Beast Of Borneo 1934
The Clairvoyant 1934
Unknown Island 1948

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