Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Strange World of Planet X / Cosmic Monsters (1958)

Overall, an interesting but somewhat pedestrian and routine 
sci-fi film with special effects failings 

Directed by Gilbert Gunn
Produced by George Maynard, John Bash
Written by Paul Ryder, Joe Ambor
Music by Robert Sharples
Cinematography: Josef Ambor
Edited by Francis Bieber
Distributed by Eros Films (UK)
Distributors Corporation of America (US)
Running time: 75 minutes


Forrest Tucker as Gil Graham
Gaby André as Michele Dupont
Martin Benson as Smith
Alec Mango as Dr. Laird
Wyndham Goldie as Brigadier Cartwright
Hugh Latimer as Jimmy Murray
Dandy Nichols as Mrs. Tucker
Richard Warner as Inspector Burns
Patricia Sinclair as Helen Forsyth
Geoffrey Chater as Gerard Wilson
Hilda Fenemore as Mrs. Hale 

Cosmic Monsters Trailer

Strange happenings in rural Britain! 
Disruptive magnetic fields affecting distant objects! 
A freak storm and blasts of cosmic radiation! 
Giant mutant insects and spiders! 
Unidentified flying objects from outer space! 
A strange visitor from “a long way off!” 
Impending disaster descending from on high! 

What can all this mean???? 

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

To Be Known, Or Not To be Known? – THAT Is The Question!

The 1954 Sci-Fi film, GOG is set in a top-secret underground government facility under the New Mexico desert where a space station is being constructed. Office of Scientific Investigation agents from Washington, DC, are called in to investigate mysterious and deadly malfunctions at the facility.

In the interests of security, the personnel in the underground facility are subject to constant monitoring from various devices such as microphones and this has become a normal state of affairs for them.

In our own modern era, we are surrounded by devices such as cctv surveillance cameras that can monitor our actions and movements. It is astonishing how we have accepted this as being a normal part of our lives. We have in effect willingly submitted to an intrusion into our personal privacy and are complying to have our right to anonymity removed. We then somehow rationalize and justify this in terms of it being necessary to guarantee our overall safety and security!

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Saturday, 5 May 2018


“Dorothy, in the land of OZ, a land of freedom and democracy, a dangerous path leads away from the yellow brick road. Under no circumstances should you tread this path as it will lead you into the clutches of a wicked witch who lies in wait for those too blind or stupid enough to lose their way. If she gets hold of you, you will face a life of always being told what you can and cannot do and what you should and should not think. If you don’t be good and obey her she will punish you!”

So far in this blog we have come across a number of classic vintage science fiction movies that have raised the issue of threats to personal privacy, liberty and democracy. Science fiction films have often since explored what happens when too much power is handed over to the State, its institutions and big corporate entities. It is a scenario that is all too real for those who live under the rule of totalitarian, repressive and one-party regimes whereby compliance and compulsion is a central feature of governance.

In a western democratic country like my own country, Australia, people are indeed fortunate to be able to express their views in many formats and can at least exercise their right to select who governs them. Sure, there are many shortcomings in our system, but many people world wide would give their right arm to be able to think what they wish, say what they want to say (short of inciting hatred and violence), see what they want to see and organise their lives in their own way.

The danger for democratic nations, however, is the slow and inexorable eroding of our liberties, freedoms and personal privacy by governments, bureaucracies, institutions and powerful corporations. I’m not saying that there is some evil secret cabal plotting and conspiring to enslave the populace as some conspiracy nutters would have us believe.

Rather, the diminution of our freedoms and personal privacy is part of a process that almost takes on a life of its own – as if it were somehow organic and one in which all of us individually and collectively play a part.

At the heart of this process is POWER – the acquisition of power, the holding and exercise of power and the acquisition of even more power. It is this power that is concentrated in the hands of a power elite via the use of force, corruption, manipulation or even the eager compliance of those being governed.

In my own country, certain recent developments have been taking place which if permitted to be implemented without stringent oversight and adequate checks and balances could have serious implications for our citizens’ personal privacy and freedoms. Will we be too apathetic to care? Will we know if and when the wool is being pulled over our eyes?

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