Monday, 10 September 2018


We've finally arrived at the final year of our look at the golden decade of science fiction films. Let's start off by having a brief overview of the major events and people that helped to begin to shape our world for the last 60 years.

Review of the year 1959

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Friday, 7 September 2018

War of the Satellites (1958)

A typically fast and cheap Roger Corman sci-fi epic and certainly not his best!

Directed by Roger Corman
Produced by Roger Corman
Music by Walter Greene
Distributed by Allied Artists
Running time: 66 minutes
Budget: $70,000 (approx..)


Dick Miller: Dave Boyer
Susan Cabot: Sybil Carrington
Richard Devon: Dr. Pol Van Ponder
Eric Sinclair: Dr. Howard Lazar
Michael Fox: Jason ibn Akad
Robert Shayne: Cole Hotchkiss
Jered Barclay: John Compo
John Brinkley: Crew Member
Bruno VeSota: Mr. LeMoine
Jay Sayer: Teen
Mitzi McCall: Teen
Roy Gordon: The President

In the office of the head of Allied Artists, the phone noisily and hysterically cries out for the boss’s attention. The boss could tell just by the ring who it would be….

Walter: Hello, Roger. What can I do for you?

Roger: Hey Walt. You know how the Russians sent up that Sputnik last year and scared the hell out of everyone?

Walter: Yeah. What of it?

Roger: Well, I’ve just had a talk with Jack Rabin and he agrees with me that we could capitalize on this Sputnik hysteria with a nice little sci-fi movie of our own!

The wheels in Walter’s mind began to crank up faster and faster at the prospect just put before him by his pal, Corman.

Roger: Hello, Walt. You there?

Walter: Sorry, Roger. Sounds good. What timed frame are we looking at?

Roger: Well, you know me. No dilly-dallying. Just throw a few bucks my way and you’ll have a great little movie with a great story about satellites ready for distribution in about two or three months.

Walt: No kidding? Sounds fine to me Roger. I like the satellite angle. Let’s get the ball rolling! 

As Corman hangs up the receiver he notes that Walter had not even asked him about the story’s details. Good thing too! He figured he could get a first draft screenplay, a full cast and enough of a set together to begin shooting in….say…. a couple of weeks! Principal photography could be wrapped up in about 10 days and in about three months’ time, “War of the Satellites” would be up on US screens. Yes Siree! Don’t let anything stand in the way of a good story and good acting, coz that’s all ya’ really need!


What happens when;

A mysterious alien force declares war against planet Earth?

The United Nations disregards warnings to halt its attempts at assembling the first satellite in space?

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