Tuesday, 14 August 2018

War of the Colossal Beast (1958)

This sequel has competent acting performances, fair direction and ordinary special effects. An obvious attempt at milking dry an already successful formula.

Directed by Bert I. Gordon
Produced by Bert I. Gordon
Written by Bert I. Gordon (story), George Worthing Yates
Music by Albert Glasser
Cinematography: Jack A. Marta
Edited by Ronald Sinclair
Production company: Carmel Productions
Distributed by American International Pictures
Running time: 69 minutes


Duncan "Dean" Parkin as Lt. Colonel Glenn Manning/Colossal Man
Sally Fraser as Joyce Manning
Roger Pace as Major Mark Baird
Russ Bender as Dr. Carmichael
Rico Alaniz as Sgt. Luis Murillo
Charles Stewart as Captain Harris
George Becwar as John Swanson
Roy Gordon as Mayor
Robert Hernandez as Miguel
George Milan as General Nelson
Cathy Downs as Carol Forrest (flashback scenes)
William Hudson as Dr. Paul Linstrom (flashback scenes)
Larry Thor as Major Eric Coulter (flashback scenes)


Spoilers follow below.
Words contained in inverted commas taken from film's dialogue.
Some creative licence taken.

TV News Report

“…..and that’s the latest report on the international scene. Now, on the lighter side of the news…a dispatch from Guavos, Mexico says that Mr. John Swanson is having a little trouble collecting insurance on his stolen truck. What happened to it? Well, according to his claim report, it disappeared without leaving any tracks! Mr. Swanson says something must have carried off his truck.” Perhaps we’ll find out more about this magical disappearing act in the coming days! “And here in Los Angeles…….”


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Friday, 10 August 2018


“High adventure in the wild, vast reaches of space. Missions of daring in the name of interplanetary justice. Travel into the future with Donald “Buzz” Trump, Commander-in-Chief of......”


Starring Commander Donald “Buzz” Trump & his side-kick, Space Cadet “Happy” Pence.

Space Ranger, Ronald “Rocky” Reagan had the dream and vision in the 1980s with his proposed “Star Wars” program.

Now, in the 21st Century, Commander “Buzz” Trump has been put in charge of the task of building America’s “SPACE FORCE”.

All you budding space cadets out there are invited to join a brand-spanking new astronautical army that will patrol the whole universe.

Be a part of America’s presence in space!
Help your country to dominate space!
Help make America great again!

By joining…..


  • Strengthen your country’s national security!
  • HELP PROTECT your country from threats posed by its enemies real, imagined and fabricated who are at THIS MOMENT making inroads into space.
Our enemies will never abide by the terms of the Outer Space Treaty!

What a BAD DEAL!
  • DO YOUR PART to prepare your country for WAR IN SPACE.
  • WORK TO ENSURE that our satellites are protected from potential destruction.

Become a space cadet by enlisting in the…..


    • Billions of dollars will no longer be WASTED on social equity programs and services.
    • Resources will no longer be FRITTED AWAY on space exploration programs to improve humanity’s knowledge and understanding.
    • No more TIME WASTED gazing at the stars in wonder!
    We have a world to run and that takes money and resources!
    The only way for us to achieve this is for our country to have a……


    Hey Space Cadets! Don’t forget the competition to design a new logo for the new Space Force! Remember, that the first prize winner will get to have a free trip in the Space X shuttle to the International Space Station! The runner-up will receive their very own miniature 'space-o-phone!'


    Brought to you by Musk Munchies – a “Buzz” and “Happy” plastic action figure in every box!

    ©Chris Christopoulos 2018