Saturday, 25 October 2014

Day The World Ended…….Again!

In my last post about the 1955 Roger Corman film, Day The World Ended, it was shown how relevant it might prove to be for doomsday preppers, as well as for highlighting how humans might react when faced with the reality of having to struggle to survive when civilisation has collapsed.

For the purposes of comparison, I’d like to present an episode from the 1960s sci-fi TV series, Twilight Zone. The episode in question is called The Shelter, first aired on 29/9/1961.

This episode involves a group of people who live on a quiet suburban street who become convinced the world is about to end. However, only one of them has a bomb shelter.

How will they react? 
Will they be at each other’s throats? 
Will the shelter’s builder, Dr Bill Stockton simply be condemning everybody else to death by shutting the others out of the shelter? 
Would he be justified doing so seeing as he was the only one who had the foresight to prepare? 
What effect will fear and desperation have on the thin veneer of civilisation? 

The Shelter certainly captured the fear and paranoia of the time arising from the Cold War and which was almost about to be shockingly realized with the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 14–28, 1962.

Presented by the NCC Drama Club, October 29-31 at the Booker T. Washington Theater in downtown Rocky Mount, NC. 2014