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  • This is food for the imagination and was a popular form of entertainment before the widespread use of television.
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Radio adaptations of stories 

Philip K. Dick’s body of work includes 44 novels, 121 short stories, and 14 short story collections. He is generally associated in most people’s minds with science fiction. At least nine films have been adapted from Dick's work, one of the most notable being, “Blade Runner” in 1982.

Recurring themes and motifs include: dangers posed by advanced technology, paranoia, ambiguity, artificial reality, nature of human existence and reality.

For your listening enjoyment, we have 6 radio play adaptations of Philip K Dick’s stories;

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

The story deals with the moral crisis of Rick Deckard, a bounty hunter who stalks androids in a nuclear fallout-clouded, partially deserted future San Francisco.

The Preserving Machine

Doctor Labyrinth is worried that human civilization will collapse which leads him to imagine a machine that will preserve music in the genetic material of animals: a possible device called “The Preserving Machine.” 

The Builder

A man (assisted by his son) is compelled by some force to construct a large wooden vessel in his garage. 


With war having been abolished, the Earth finds itself besieged by the alien 'Outspacers' from Alpha Centauri. Only a protective force-field surrounding the world prevents an invasion. One scientist, Spence Olham finds himself suspected of being an alien robot/replicant armed with a powerful bomb intent on destroying ‘the Project.’

The Defenders

Total nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union has succeeded in sterilizing the surface of the Earth. No living creature can now exist there, and all humans on both sides have fled to 'hives' miles below the surface.

The Colony

An expedition to an uncharted planet reveals a dominant, predatory alien life form capable of precise mimicry of all kinds of objects.

19. The Trouble With Robots

**Time Travel & Future Predictions**

Future Eye

The Time Machine (1950)

Outside Time (1964)

I’m Scared (By Jack Finney)

Operation Tomorrow (1950)

Time and Time Again (by H. Beam Piper) (1951)

Time Heals (1958)

Mindwebs: A child Is crying

Heart Of The Tardis (Tomb Of The Cybermen)

**The Human Condition**

The Obsolete Man (TZ)

The Men from Mars (1952)

The Death Dust (1968)

Journey Into Space by Charles Chilton (Entire BBC radio series)

The Cave Of Night (X Minus One 1956)

The Parallel (“The Twilight Zone” radio series)

There Goes the Neighborhood (TZ)

**Journey to Other Worlds**

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


Forbidden Planet

Brave New World

The War of the Worlds

The Time Machine 

The Day the Earth Stood Still

20.000 Leagues Under the Sea (NBC 1947)

The Pit and the Pendulum (Edgar Allen Poe)

Who Goes There? (by John W Campbell)

Destination Moon

“Lord Of The Flies.” (Adapted by Judith Adams)

Part 1: Fire On The Mountain

Part 2: Painted Faces

Part 3: Beast From The Air

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