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  • This is food for the imagination and was a popular form of entertainment before the widespread use of television.
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"Let us send our imaginations forward in time
into the years beyond 2000AD. What strange
adventures, what exciting things will we
find in the world of tomorrow? 2000 Plus!"

2000 Plus, an American radio series that ran on the Mutual Broadcasting System from March 15, 1950, to January 2, 1952 was the first adult science fiction series on radio.

2000 Plus was an anthology program, with all stories being original rather than adaptations of published stories.

Here are five sci-fi radio plays from 2000 Plus for your listening pleasure. This is what was envisioned for our own era of the 21st Century!

Flying Saucers (1950)

In the year 2012, while testing new weapons, the Air Force is being observed by UFOs. Believing that they are a potential threat, a decision is made to attack one resulting in some strange consequences…… 

When Worlds Met (1950)

An advanced race of aliens from a neighbouring planet (Mars) come to Earth to establish first contact with the primitive and warlike inhabitants. The military is on alert and awaits to see if the visitors are a threat. The aliens are not at all happy to learn what is prepared for them.

Worlds Apart (1950)

A space craft enters sector G and crosses the boundaries into the unknown. Test pilot, Captain Roberts and his small crew are stranded -somewhere. Their space craft is damaged, but radio communications seem to be working. The space ship lands safely, but why does Captain Roberts need to be inspected, and show proper papers if they have landed on territory held by America or if indeed they have even landed on earth?

It is not long before Captain Roberts finds himself deprived of freedom and imprisoned, but why? The first of many questions to come!

The Rocket and the Skull (1951)

A Cold War style tale complete with saboteurs, spies and paranoia over a Russian threat. Sounds familiar? It is a story of a race between the United States and the Soviet Union to put a base on the moon. Test pilot Colonel Bradbury is the only one with specific knowledge crucial to the endeavor of getting to the Moon. Bradbury is seriously injured in an accident and a metal plate is placed in his head in an attempt to save him. Soviet agents meanwhile have infiltrated the US Moon program but who are they and who can be trusted? Any delay and leaking of information could prove to be disastrous.

The Men from Mars (1952)

In 2040 a couple of teenagers, Mikey and Dink, denied the opportunity to take a trip to Mars, buy a used space ship for $87, fix it up and blast off for Mars!

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