Classic Sci-Fi Double Feature

  • Welcome to the sci-fi double feature film page. 
  • On this page I’ll be featuring a double feature of classic science fiction films for you to view and enjoy. 
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Cat-Women of the Moon (1953). Five astronauts venture to the dark side of the moon on a scientific expedition. Upon landing they discover a cave which contains a breathable atmosphere. As the group continue exploring, they stumble across a buried city whose inhabitants are the last remnants of a 2-million-year-old civilization. Little do the humans from earth know is that the eight beautiful leotard-clad moon women intend to steal their ship.

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Spacemaster X-7 (1958). An unmanned space probe returns to Earth containing samples of an alien fungal lifeform. It is soon discovered that the alien lifeforms that have been accidentally tinged with human blood have transformed into ever-growing masses of tissue called "blood rust" which can spread, engulf and kill its victims. To prevent the world-wide spread of this deadly organism, a woman who was exposed to the alien samples must be located as she is unaware that she is spreading the "blood rust," which forms and grows on everything she touches.

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