Classic Sci-Fi Double Feature

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Let’s get less serious on this occasion and sit back and enjoy some old-time space adventure with SPACE PATROL!

Space Patrol was a classic live to air sci-fi adventure series of the early 1950's. It was set in the 30th century and was originally targeted at juvenile audiences. the series featured on television and radio and in comic books. It soon developed a significant adult audience and by 1954 Space Patrol consistently ranked in the top 10 shows broadcast on a Saturday.

Audiences could follow the 30th-century adventures of Commander Buzz Corry (Ed Kemmer) of the United Planets Space Patrol and his young sidekick Cadet Happy (Lyn Osborn), as they dealt with interplanetary villains and their nefarious schemes while striving to bring law and order to the interplanetary frontier. 

While doing so, audiences could sustain themselves by munching on Wheat Chex and Rice Chex as suggested by the commercial sponsors.

While not exactly being a drive-in double feature, here then are four episodes selected at random from the classic sci-fi series SPAAAACE PATROOOLLLL!!!!!

Space Patrol!

Laughing Alien (1953) 

Commander Corry is worried about Cadet Happy's (yes, Happy!) well-being when he has visions of him in various dangerous situations accompanied by the image of a man laughing at him. As a consequence, concerns are also being expressed about Corry's own mental well-being due to the pressure he is facing.

Space Patrol!

Giants of Pluto (1954) 

Space Patrol arrive at the distant planet of Pluto 3 on which there is a sanatorium run by mad scientist, Doctor Kurt. A number of the “patients” have in fact been kidnapped and have been turned into mind-controlled zombies of immense strength who display unusual loyalty to the doctor.

Space Patrol!

The Defeat Of Manza (1954) 

A race of humanoids called the Icarians have been struggling to regain their planet from an invisible tyrant called Manza. Commander Buzz Corry has been trying to assist the Icarians but Major Robertson, Cadet Happy and Carol have been captured and are imprisoned on the planet's surface…..

Space Patrol!

Interplanetary Smugglers (1952) 

While deadly weapons have been outlawed on Terra, smugglers have adapted the humble ray gun to fire explosive missiles. Naturally Commander Corry and his Space Patrol crew set out to investigate. Unfortunately, they wind up being captured…….

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