Classic Sci-Fi Double Feature

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We now have another classic sci-fi double feature for your viewing pleasure. One involves a threat to our planet from without while the other film involves a threat from within.

"Battle of the Worlds" (1961)

A rogue planet dubbed "The Outsider" is on an apparent collision course with Earth, when suddenly and mysteriously it begins orbiting our planet and threatens it by launching a fleet of flying saucers that attack our space fleets.

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"Night the World Exploded" (1957)

Dr. David Conway has invented a machine that can predict earthquakes. When a major quake hits Los Angeles, Conway and his team venture into the Carlsbad Caverns to continue their research. They soon discover that a series of quakes threaten to devastate southern USA but do not know what is causing increased pressure in the Earth’s crust. They eventually stumble upon a strange new type of mineral, Element 112. It is this element that will cause the entire planet to explode within a month unless something is done to prevent it.

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