Classic Sci-Fi Double Feature

  • Welcome to the sci-fi doublefeature film page. 
  • On this page I’ll be featuring a double feature of classic science fiction films for you to view and enjoy. 
  • Keep visiting the page as a different double feature will appear each week or two. 
  • There will also be links to any posts that might be on this blog about the films.

For this double feature session, we’ll be viewing two sci films that head in the opposite direction – one into outer space and the other into the Earth’s interior. Enjoy!

War of the Satellites (1958) - 
 Roger Corman

After the tenth failed launch of a satellite into space, the member nations of the U.N meet to find out why their satellites are being destroyed by an unknown force. This unknown force declares war against planet Earth when the United Nations disobeys warnings to cease attempts to assemble and successfully launch the first satellite.

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Unknown World (1951)

Counting on a theory that mankind could save itself during a nuclear attack by resettling far beneath the earth's surface, a Cyclotram (combination drill and exploratory vehicle) is built and an expedition to the earth's core is set in motion.

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See my blog post featuring Unknown World (1951)

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